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    Spotlight on employee leave entitlements in EMEA

    Managing multi-country payroll can be made more complex by specific employee leave entitlements that must be adhered to.

    In some European nations public holidays must be paid, and can range from 14 days in Malta to 12 in Russia and just two in Norway.

    Christian Glagla, Head of Client HR Services and Angela Bartl, MD - Strategy and Business Development both from TMF Group Germany, examine the different ways employee leave is applied in countries across Europe and the Middle East.

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    Complexity Index 2015

    View how complex compliance is in any country below:

    Download our new briefing paper on VAT reforms in Europe: past, present and future

    In their 10th anniversary briefing paper, TMF Group’s VAT team examine the past decade of European VAT reforms, and look at how they are poised to evolve over the next ten years – particularly as the much-anticipated Single EU VAT Return scheme looks set to be abandoned by the EU Commission. Download your free copy now! >


    Are you covered for succession planning?

    Share Succession Trusts, or SSTs, can hold the secret to protecting your wealth or business when you’re gone. Our BVI expert explains.

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    Companies in Brazil have less than two months to meet new ICMS compliance deadline

    From 1 January 2016, companies operating from Brazil will need to comply with changes to Constitutional Amendment EC 87/2015 governing tax rates on interstate transactions where the final consumer is not a Brazilian tax-payer.

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    The challenges of HR administration and Payroll in Asia Pacific

    This briefing paper looks at some of the major trends and challenges that SMEs in Asia Pacific can face when managing payroll, advising on best-practices for those companies seeking to partner with a third party supplier in order to manage this function.

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    Technical update

    New invoicing program functionality requirements in Hungary

    The rules in connection with invoicing are very strict in Hungary compared to other European countries. From 1 January 2016, companies and individuals issuing invoices in the country are required to adhere to new processes and program functions. Find out more >

    Press statement

    Mathieu Loquet appointed Managing Director of TMF Group Belgium

    TMF Group, a leading provider of high value Global Business Services to clients operating and investing internationally, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mathieu Loquet as Managing Director for Belgium.

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