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TMF Group helps companies to operate and invest in and beyond their home markets, letting them concentrate on what's important; delivering their products and services. Find out more >

  • Flexible support tailored to you: We adapt our service to give you what you need, when you need it … exactly where you need it.
  • Local people with local knowledge: Over 6,000 experts in over 80 countries who understand local issues, currency and dialect.
  • A single supplier worldwide: You deal with one company with the central processes to mitigate issues quickly and compliantly.
  • The provider of choice: We serve over 36,500 client entities worldwide; from start-ups to 40% of the Fortune 500.
  • ISO27001 Information Security standard: We are committed to our global accreditations programme.
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    Managing Corporate Accounting Compliance Abroad

    Managing Corporate Accounting Compliance Abroad

    Date: 24th May 1PM EST
    Location: Webinar

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    Join us for this 60-minute complimentary webinar to hear firsthand some of the typical accounting challenges businesses face as they undertake multinational expansion.

    QuickStart your business in Austria: how to reduce your administrative burden and maximise your benefits.

    QuickStart your business in Austria

    Date: 2th June 3pm CET
    Location: Webinar

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    This webinar will outline the many benefits – location, financial, double taxation agreements – which companies enjoy when they choose to invest or expand in Austria. Speakers will also cover aspects of accounting and tax, and best practices to comply with local requirements.


    Managing accounting and tax compliance in foreign markets

    Global expansion is high in the agenda for many US companies but along with new opportunities it also brings tax and accounting challenges.

    Faced with an increasingly competitive domestic market, many North American businesses are pursuing international expansion – often as a means to tap into the rapidly growing markets of emerging economies.

    Our research shows 81.8% of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) find opportunities to build market share as the key driver for offshore expansion. Almost one in two (48.5%) see foreign expansion as a solution to increasing competition in the home market.

    Find out about the challenges expansion can bring >

    Global Benchmark Complexity Index 2015

    View the top 10 most & least complex jurisdictions from a corporate secretarial point of view:

    Regulatory update

    Greece regulatory round-up: May 2016 (part 2)

    A new law which has passed the Greek Parliament confirms increases in indirect taxes, and postpones the recently-passed withholding tax rate increase on dividends.

    With the completion of the first review and tax measures, the Greek Government believes the country will now turn a page, however the local market is in shock as it is evident everyone will be affected.

    Read a summary of the increases here >


    Making the Cayman Islands more competitive with the introduction of the Limited Liability Companies Bill

    The availability of Cayman Islands LLCs is likely to position the jurisdiction favourably for offshore investment funds; it is expected to be particularly attractive to the private equity industry, family offices and stakeholders looking for a flexible corporate structure, or structure that has similar characteristics of a Delaware LLC. Find out more about a Cayman Islands LLC >

    Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE

    As part of our year-long brand sponsorship with Sir Ranaulph Fiennes, a series of films has been commissioned to promote the partnership - the first in the series is entitled 'Embrace Opportunities.'

    You can view the film in English, Spanish or Portuguese here>

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