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  • We serve over 36,500+ clients, from companies with 1 employee to 40% of the Fortune 500
  • We have 5,500+ of our own experts in over 80 countries with unrivalled local knowledge on HR & payroll, accounting and tax, corporate secretarial, capital markets and private wealth.
  • We are committed to our global accreditations and compliance programme which includes ISO27001 and business continuity plans
  • Rated as a ‘major contender’ globally and the strongest in LATAM in the Everest 2015 Multi-Country Payroll PEAK Matrix
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    Our view of the Greece crisis from the frontline

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has called a referendum for 5 July putting forward to the Greek people the terms of the new EC-IMF-ECB bailout proposal. Our Greece Managing Director Yannis Goussiakis is monitoring the situation and will continue to keep our clients updated on what this means for them. 

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    Complexity Index 2015

    View how complex compliance is in any country below:


    PIPE 2.0, the new investment opportunity in Colombia

    The PIPE 2.0 will change business in Colombia. The use of a unique strategic provider with local knowledge during that process will help the investors to identify better opportunities and to provide consistency through the processes and standards once it enters the market. TMF Group's local experts explain the challenges.

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    Webinar: Doing business in Chile

    Speakers from TMF Group Chile and Baraona Lawyers discuss all there is to know about doing business in Chile. Join us on June 30th at 10am EDT to hear about the benefits of investing in Chile, recommendations in the investment mechanism, about the new tax reforms and how to start your operation in Chile.

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    The question of compliance for the QROPS haves and have-nots

    Over the last week or two there has been a growing media frenzy over what HMRC are doing with the QROPS/ROPS list, culminating with the ‘temporary suspension’ of the list on 17 June. Is it ac QROPS “clampdown” or media hype? Bethell Codrington looks at the facts behind the headlines. Those of us fortunate to be in well-regulated, legislatively-compliant and tax-compliant jurisdictions should weather this storm. There is no substitute for specialist knowledge in what is a complex field. Read more >

    Process Agent in the UK

    TMF Group UK are pleased to announce the automation of its UK Process Agent application process. You can now fill in your request online allowing appointments to be made 24/7, 365 days of the year. As an independent party, TMF Group UK can work with any advisor or bank with no conflict of interest.

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    Regulatory update

    HMRC changes its interpretation on VAT reclaims

    Key rules governing VAT refunds are in the spotlight with the UK’s HM Revenue & Customs changing its interpretation of key rules governing payouts. TMF VAT experts say: “There are many businesses which are not aware of this change and specialists like ourselves can help keep companies informed and insure that mistakes are avoided."

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    Guanxi: Business networking in in Asia with a personal touch

    Although it is an age-old business practice in the region, guanxi is much misunderstood by the rest of the world. Global businesspeople can’t seem to get the gist of combining business networking with personal relationships. They also find it hard to understand the concept of a commitment founded on trust instead of the legal system. Read more >

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