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Why TMF Group?

TMF Group helps companies to operate and invest in and beyond their home markets, letting them concentrate on what's important; delivering their products and services. Find out more >

  • Flexible support tailored to you: We adapt our service to give you what you need, when you need it … exactly where you need it.
  • Local people with local knowledge: Over 6,000 experts in over 80 countries who understand local issues, currency and dialect.
  • A single supplier worldwide: You deal with one company with the central processes to mitigate issues quickly and compliantly.
  • The provider of choice: We serve over 36,500 clients worldwide; from start-ups to 40% of the Fortune 500.
  • New VAT tracker live

    VAT rates can change quickly and have a far-reaching effect on your business. TMF Group’s VAT experts keep track of latest developments to help keep our clients informed of changes. We distill that information here in our new VAT rate tracker. Visit this page for an alphabetical list of countries globally and their current sales tax, VAT and GST rates. Find out more >

    HR and Payroll services at TMF Group

    We have more than 5500 experts across 80+ countries that can help you cut the cost of managing your HR administration processes, helping you to maintain a compliant operation. This ultimately helps you to focus on your core business activities.

    Find out more here >

    Technical update

    CJEU judgement affects VAT deduction position of holding companies

    The CJEU recently rendered its judgment (16 July 2015) in the joined cases Larentia + Minerva and Marenave Schiffahrts concerning the VAT deduction position of holding companies.

    It also answered the question of whether entities without ‘legal personality” can be included as part of a VAT group.

    Find out more >

    Technical update

    UK accounting regulation changes: disclosure of subsidiary entities

    Our UK Corporate Secretarial expert outlines accounting regulation changes implemented on 6 April 2015, that affect how disclosure of subsidiary entities are dealt with. Section 409 of the Companies Act 2006 (CA 2006) requires all companies to disclose information related to the list such as the below. Read the full article here >

  • general information about subsidiary undertakings
  • holdings in subsidiary undertakings
  • financial information about subsidiary undertakings
  • shares of company held by subsidiary undertakings
  • significant holdings in other undertakings
  • membership of certain undertakings
  • the parent undertaking and ultimate parent company.
  • Press release

    The Pacific Alliance: Creating Opportunities for Investors

    A new briefing paper from TMF Group – The Pacific Alliance: creating opportunities for investors - examines the impact of this far-reaching trade agreement and how international businesses can best harness the potential of this vibrant, growing region.

    “This is an incredibly exciting time for Latin American countries with the Pacific Alliance now allowing the region to do business with much larger world economies than would have be possible individually,” explains Antonio Soler, Regional Director of Business Development at TMF Group."

    Read the full blog post here >

    Regulatory update

    Romanian MPs Finally Reach Agreement on VAT Rate Cuts

    After being approved and then rejected by the President, Romania this week finally achieved cross-party agreement on the extent of VAT cuts; it will drop to 20% from next year, and to 19% from 2017. Romanian lawmakers agreed to shave 4.4 billion lei ($1.1 billion) off planned tax cuts, amid worries the proposals may blow a hole in the budget next year. Find our more >

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